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In the nature-rich region of Otawara, blessed with pure, soft water flowing abundantly in Japan's largest alluvial fan and an ideal climate for rice cultivation, a sake brewery with a 150-year history embarked on a journey to achieve perfection in crafting the ultimate sake.

With each sip, you will be greeted by a clear and profound flavor that will awaken a new sense of delight, unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

Map of Japan

Clear air, vast land, abundant water
A landscape and a spirit of
gratitude passed down from ancient times

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Earnestly, meticulously, vigorously
A traditional brewery that has been brewing for
over 150 years on this land

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Bringing together the expertise of
various specialists from the region
Realizing an ideal quality of sake that
delivers a delightful new experience

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  • Taste

    A clear and radiant appearance, like freshly polished platinum. The enchanting aroma exudes purity and nobility — harmoniously blending the alluring aromas of ripe fruit to create a magnificent experience.
    The silky entry gradually gives way to a deep umami that slowly unfolds on the palate. The elegant sweetness and balanced acidity are in perfect harmony with a depth of flavor that gives rise to a profound aftertaste leaving a lasting impression.

  • Aroma

    Like a single stem Casa Blanca lily, it emanates a brilliant and dignified elegance. The refreshing aromas of Japanese pears, such as Kosui and Hosui, harmonize with the luscious aroma reminiscent of La France pears for a delightful experience.

  • Texture

    A refined and pure flavor from the moment it touches your tongue. With a smooth and elegant texture, the sensation that spreads across the palate is delicate yet has a richness of umami.

  • Finish

    The gentle umami and minerality linger as a long-lasting finish. Subtle hints of bitterness and saltiness, along with a pleasant acidity, further enhance the depth of flavor before gently fading away. The long but fleeting aftertaste accentuates this exceptional sake’s distinguished character and quality.

  • Pairing

    Pairs exceptionally well with fish roe, sashimi, and elegant seafood dishes. Perfect matches include caviar, bottarga, scallop carpaccio, steamed oysters, steamed hairy crab, lobster tempura, pufferfish hot pot, and sea bream shabu-shabu, among others. You can also enjoy it with goat cheese or white asparagus and hollandaise sauce.

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  • Brewing water refined by the earth

    The snowfall from the Nasu mountain range melts, permeates the earth, and is drawn as pure, soft water after approximately 50 years of natural filtration through the underground water system of the Naka River. Ideal for making ginjo sake, this water is essential to achieving a smooth, crystal-clear taste.

  • The pinnacle of sake rice: Yamada Nishiki grown in Otawara

    With the perfect climate of Otawara for rice cultivation, Yamada Nishiki, known as the “King of Sake Rice,” is carefully grown using the same water system as the brewing water. The harvested rice is polished to a level of 17%, achieving a concentrated flavor that eliminates any impurities and showcases the exquisite taste of the rice.

  • A sake brewery operating for over 150 years on this land

    The Akutsu family runs Kikunosato Shuzo. Records show that they have lived on this land for approximately 400 years, and their sake-brewing journey began around 150 years ago. The craftsmen, who have loved and deeply understood this land for generations, gathered the best techniques that weave together tradition and innovation to bring to life an ideal sake quality that could only be achieved in Otawara.

  • Art that expresses the Spirit of ARATANA

    In pursuit of this extraordinary sake, a collaboration of creators who resonated with the concept of ARATANA gathered under the guidance of the brewery’s toji(master brewer), including photographers, calligraphers, designers, and a rice farm with a 460-year history. The culmination of the creativity of these talented specialists embodies the essence of ARATANA.




  • Rice Variety: 100% Yamada Nishiki from Otawara, Tochigi Prefecture

  • Rice Polishing Ratio: 17%

  • Alcohol Content: 15.3%

  • Sake Meter Value (SMV): -4

  • Yeast: Meiri Ogawa

  • Amino Acid Level: 0.7

  • Pasteurization: 1 time

  • Volume: 720ml